VO₂ Live Whitepaper
Welcome to the VO₂ live Whitepaper! Here we outline the details of our project, keep this page bookmarked for updates on what we're working on. Check our platform out here: https://www.vo2.fans/
Overview: VO₂ is a blockchain-based platform that allows athletes to tokenize themselves and create digital economies for fans to stake into. It provides athletes a way to grow and monetize NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) while providing fans an avenue for unique and meaningful interaction with athletes. As athletes grow their career, that growth is shared with fans who are rewarded with more athlete tokens which can be used to participate in exclusive merchandise and NFT marketplaces.
Update 2/25: Soft launch approaching 3/14/22 (right before March Madness)! Waitlists will open a week in advance on 3/7. Here's what that'll entail: users can buy tokens of the four launch athletes to join their community. Interacting with their posts will get you fan points which will convert to $OXY tokens later this year. Learn more about fan points and $OXY in the next section. Update 3/11: Planning to spend more time building hype and community through March Madness. Launch is going to be April 4th!
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